Thursday, November 26, 2015

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: School of Rock

So it came a little bit later than the rest of them, but School of Rock still got it's moment on the Parade.  I'm still not sure if I'm in favor of this musical adaptation of the Jack Black movie, but Andrew Lloyd Webber has written the music and Alex Brightman is staring, so they're at least doing some things right.  They've released a few a few songs that are alright so I think that there is some hope for it...but this was not a point in it's favor.  It was an interesting choice to put the show on a float instead of having it perform at the start, and I don't think it particularly worked.  I'm not sure that everybody is going to realize that this was a Broadway performance instead of an odd little rock group sponsored by a record store.  I suppose that the thought behind it was that School of Rock doesn't have any dance numbers so they justified a stationary song by putting it on a float, but it did make it pretty underwhelming compared to all of the rest of the performances.  I do still like Alex Brightman in the role (I've been a fan for some time and I'm excited to see him get his big break) and I think it might be a "cute" show, but I don't expect to love it and I definitely didn't love this performance.

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