Thursday, November 24, 2016

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Holiday Inn

So I remember watching the old Bing Crosby/Fred Astaire movie years ago, and so I was excited to see it come to Broadway.  By bringing in Bryce Pinkham and Corbin Blu, they latched on to the idea of bringing in big stars to jazz up a possibly out of date show.  I'm still thinking that this is going to be a fairly average show, but I thought their Parade performance was solid.  Unfortunately, here in Georgia, the footage skipped and cut out (I almost missed Bryce Pinkham juggling!) but aside from that I enjoyed it all!  I had seen this particular song before and it was a great choice!  The dancing is the show's strong point and the jump rope tap dance is probably the coolest thing they do in the show.  Unfortunately, the jump rope bit did kind of make it obvious that the song was pre-recorded, but that's unavoidable.  All in all, it's still not my kind of show, but this was a great performance and I hope it has a healthy run on the great white way!

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