Thursday, November 24, 2016

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: On Your Feet

There are a few Broadway mysteries in life that we may never understand.  Why is the lyric in Castle on a Cloud "There are a hundred boys and girls"? How does one actually turn off the dark?  And how on God's green earth is On Your Feet still running?!  I mean, I acknowledge that this show wasn't made for me.  I don't care for Latin Pop Music, I prefer original fictions to adapted biopics, and Jukebox musicals make me twitch.  That being said, I'm not alone in my dislike for On Your Feet.  It received mixed reviews from critics, it hasn't been doing well in the box office, and the Tony Awards didn't care for it much either.    We saw it in the Parade last year and enjoyed the energy and "spunk" that they brought to the proceedings.  This year, as one of CBS's shows that perform from the theater, they did a very similar performance.  There was some great dancing, some mega-talented little kids, and some nostalgic music...but all in all it reminded me more of a Vegas tribute show than something that belongs on Broadway.

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