Thursday, November 24, 2016

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: The School of Rock

You may have noticed that one my biggest pet peeves for parade performances is lack of originality.  I was concerned when I saw that School of Rock was performing again because we already saw them last year and there are really only two songs they can ever perform.  Sure enough, the song they performed "Stick it to the Man" is one that we've seen before, but this year there was something new...the distinct lack of Alex Brightman.  I've long said that the main reason School of Rock has the success it has was because of the infectious energy and charisma of Mr. Brightman.  The new fellow they have, Eric Petersen, did fine.  They did a good job with not making him a carbon copy of Alex, but I can't help but feel he was more...tame.  The performance was good.  And I supposed if I hadn't already been aware of Alex Brightman's brilliance I would've thought it was even better, but as it stands...I was just depressed.  And I'd be surprised if School of Rock is still here by the summer.

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