Thursday, November 26, 2015

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Something Rotten

I've said it from the beginning, Something Rotten is all that I love about Broadway!  It's one of the most brilliantly original musicals that Broadway has seen in a while and I'm so glad that it's still popular.  The song they performed on the parade, It's A Musical, is the song that they performed on the Tony's (which, as always, disappointing me a little, because I always prefer to see something new), but they've done a good job at using a plethora of different songs at all of the talk shows and stuff, so they're forgiven.  Because this song really was a brilliant choice.  It's a hilarious song, has all of the musical references (And I got to feel smart as I explained a few of them to my family), and is a great representation of the fun silliness that is this show.  Of course, I'm very sad that we didn't get to see my favorite person ever, Christian Borle, perform (hopefully he finds a way to weasel himself into the next NBC live show...I could see him in the Wiz), but aside from that, full points to Something Rotten, they did something beautiful!

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