Thursday, November 26, 2015

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: The Wiz Live

I for one am really a fan of these new "live on tv" musicals and I think it's really smart that NBC is using their own network to plug their show.  And, in my opinion, these performances have improved every year (going from a disappointing Sound of Music, to a kind of fun Peter Pan, to a fully fleshed out and enjoyable Wiz).  I'm a little neutral on the Wiz as a show, but I am excited about this performance.  They chose the perfect (albeit obvious) song, "Brand New Day," that not only highlighted the ensemble, each of the main stars, and had some high energy dancing.  While I don't really understand the neon orange gym clothes as a costume choice, I thought the dancing was fitting, and I really liked the other costumes (although my family was a bit frightened by the scarecrow's).  They weren't able to include any of the Cirque Du Soleil parts of this collaboration (which is probably largely do to the space limitations), which disappointed me because I'm really curious to see how that plays in, but that just makes me want to tune in more to the performance.  All of this performance, in conjunction with the first trailer for the show that performed directly after the performance, got me excited to see The Wiz (despite the unforgivable lack of Christian Borle) and I think it'll be NBC's best live musical yet.

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