Thursday, November 22, 2012

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parde: Bring It On

This was the performance I was most excited to see because I am a big fan of the composers/lyricists (including Amanda Green [Hands on a Hardbody], Lin Manuel Miranda [In The Heights], and Tom Kitt [Next to Normal]).  The song lived up to my expectations, but not exactly proportions.  As I expected, the material was less than brilliant (it'd be pretty hard to make a musical about cheerleaders that great), but the music was stellar and the dancing wasn't bad.  I expected one of their bigger, more cheer-ish numbers instead of the relatively tame one they chose ("I Got You").  I do think that it was definitely the best vocals of the morning, with some really beautiful harmonies and some great notes hit.  From what I've heard of the Bring It On soundtrack, that's where it's strength lies.  I mean, the solo numbers aren't bad, but it'w when they all sing together in parts (something Lin Manuel Miranda is known for) when they really shine (don't believe me?  check out "It's All Happening").  All in all it's a good performance and, while I'm a bit sad they'll be closing at the end of the year, I think they had a good run and I imagine they'll be mentioned come Tony season.

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