Thursday, November 22, 2012

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Newsies

So every year I find out after the fact that on CBS, they air performances from long running Broadway shows that perform outside of the parade route.  Although I didn't have time to commentate (or watch) them as they were happening, I'd still like to include them.  The first of these performances was of the cast of Newsies performing, once again, King of New York.  The cool thing about this performance is that the first time they performed it was the "pre-Broadway" version.  When they made the jump to Broadway, changes were made and the dance break was lengthened by about a minute (which is awkward if you choreographed a dance to the Parade version and then the soundtrack comes out and you realize that you have to either completely change the dance or spend hours editing the music...not that I would know).  I must say though, I really enjoyed the new and improved performance.  The broom thing was a bit lame, but I loved the spoons dance and I just love that song in general.  I must say that I am so glad Newsies has done so well on Broadway (especially because it was never meant to even go).  There really hasn't been a "dreams come true" Cinderella story like Newsies in a long time on Broadway.

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