Thursday, November 22, 2012

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Nice Work If You Can Get It

"Nice Work" did something really smart in choosing what to perform "Lady Be Good" and "S'Wonderful".  They started with something really high energy and fast, but still found a way to include their star power (Mathew Broderick and Kelli O'Hara) which was probably their main selling point for the show.  The original dance was pretty good.  It wasn't amazing, I honestly think that Pebblebrook highschool could've done the dancing, but still it was well put together and it was certainly fun to watch.  Although I'm not really a fan of the show, I thought that this performance was stronger than their TONY performance, and for that I commend them.  Mathew didn't look as comfortable with the dancing as Kelli, but aside from that their duet was really nice and touching.

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