Thursday, November 27, 2014

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: On the Town

They tricked us.  The Broadway performances started super early this year as the very first seconds were filled by the cast of On The Town.  While this threw me off and I was plugging in my computer and running around getting things set up during the performance, I have to admit that this is a stellar idea!  I mean, sure I've seen plenty of "semi-immersive" versions of On the Town this year, but for people who haven't been following the show it was a great hook!  Granted, I am starting to worry that there is only one song in On The Town, because I literally have only heard this song played on every single promotional event.  However, it is in fact a good song, they did a good job with the dancing, and they were smart with the way they integrated it into the parade.  It wasn't super informative for me (who's seen it all before), but I'm hoping it caught they eye of enough other people to maybe make them come see the show.

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