Thursday, November 28, 2013

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Pippin

Pippin always wins! I always think that one day I might be bored by Pippin, but it hasn't happened yet!  Granted, like many of the performances this year, they took their performance straight from the Tony Awards, however, they've shown some variety on talk shows and stuff, so it's a tad bit more forgivable.  However, even though I've seen this exact medley several times (although, again, a bit shorter), I'm still enchanted every time!  For one thing, they were really smart with the way they shot it.  Having Pippin start in the audience (side note - I don't approve of the blonde hair) and then panning over to the Leading Player (wearing a snappy jacket to cleverly hide her unfairly muscular arms) while still avoiding the rest of the ensemble in the frame (an affect that, in the show, takes a giant curtain) was a really smart idea.  That smart filming, in addition the catchy song, the wonderful performers, and the always spellbinding circus stunts made this the best performance of the year!  As I said, Pippin wins...PIPPIN ALWAYS WINS!!!!!

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