Thursday, November 28, 2013

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: First Date

I am so excited that First Date got to perform for this years parade (even if it wasn't at the parade).  I always thought it was a clever show and, while I haven't found a place online to listen to the entire soundtrack, I've liked the music I've heard from it thus far.  It has a pretty great cast (including Krysta Rodriguez [Addams Family] and Zachary Levi [Tangled]), a witty book, and some darn catchy music!  What's more, they chose a really smart group of songs to do for the parade medley.  Not only did they avoid using the song that seems to be on every promo they ever do ("First Impressions"), but they opened it with the opening song of the show and what is my favorite song from the show that I've heard thus far ("The One") which featured the entire ensemble and was catchy, relatively well staged (I could've used a bit more action) and engaging.  Then, they followed that up with what I think is the finale song from the show, a duet from the two main characters.  By doing the first and last songs of the show, they did a good job of encompassing the entire show and the entire experience of a first date.  I also appreciated that I got to hear a new song, "Something That Will Last," which was different but still really sweet (but I did think it was funny that they sang "Something That Will Last" when the show has already been set to close next Spring).  All in all, this was my favorite performance because it was high energy, it used the whole cast, it showed me something I haven't seen before, and they edited out the language that I know was previously in the song, so now there's a clean version on Youtube.  So congrats to the entire company of First Date, I'm sorry that they have to close, but I'm really glad that they got to perform on this year's parade!

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