Thursday, November 24, 2011

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Spiderman: Turn off the Dark

OK, so I know everyone was really excited about seeing these guys perform, me included.  And since it was the last one....I get to type longer (mwah ha ha). Honestly, I've seen them on the Tony Awards, on the tonight show twice, American Idol, and I think this was their best performance.  They had a great blend fun visuals and pretty good sound.  I liked the idea of a medley.  I was also proud of them for not using Boy Falls from the sky or Rise Above.   I was surprised, but I think it shows that they aren't cheap.  The first bit they did (Bouncing Off The Walls) they had to cut short because it's one of the biggest technical songs (from the little Youtube I've seen on it it looks pretty cool), but I still liked seeing it live.  I feel like it had more depth, so now I might like the song a bit more.  The next song they did (and reprised at the end) was one that I hadn't heard before, so that was kind of fun.  It was well performed and it's always nice to see something new.   The third song they did (A Freak Like Me Needs Company) I had seen before and it was kind of disappointing both times.  I mean, I had heard so much about Patrick Page (The Green Goblin) and I was so excited to see him perform, and he barely sung; he just kind of groaned almost.  Granted, this isn't his fault at all, but the fact that one of the highlights of the show was a guy who didn't really sing is kind of sad.  Once again, his performance is top notch, his acting and his speaking voice were both great, I just would've liked if they got a real song.  Now, something I saw that was new was the acrobatics.  I had never seen any of those flips or anything...those were really cool!  I wish they would've let Jennifer Damiano (Mary Jane) perform, but if the songs don't work out then there's nothing you can do.  All in all, I was more impressed than I thought I would be, good for you spiderman!

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