Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Is My Life

As I said in my "about me", this isn't necessarily going to be about my life.  The web-series "The Battery's Down" had a song entitled "this is your life" that talked about the main character's obsession with Broadway and the fact that he couldn't give it up even if he wanted to.  This is often how I feel and thereby I thought it would be a fitting title.  I will likely post a little about my life, but most of it will be centered around theater (just like my life).  I will be posting my thoughts on various Broadway shows.  I will be informing any followers I might get about upcoming shows I have friends in or I just feel like supporting.  I know a lot about theater and a friend of mine said I'd be good at writing theater reviews, so this is my giving it a shot.  It should be fun.  So I hope you find this interesting, I'll try to post something every few weeks.  I hope you enjoy :)

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