Monday, June 20, 2011

Tony Awards!!!!! (Part III: Other Notable Musicals)

Other Notable Musicals

Most of the major awards tend to go to the big shows (nominated for best musical) but there are always a few that go to the slightly more obscure shows.

The People In The Picture was a show that I thought would do better than it did.  I heard lots of good things about this show so I was surprised that it was only nominated for the one awards (best leading actress in a musical) and that it didn't win that.  The show stared Donna Murphy (I know she's been in a lot, but I know her best from her role of Mother Gothel in [Tangled]) and Chip Zien (Baker [Into The Woods]).  It's a really heartfelt show about the life of a Jewish lady recollecting her memories of the Holocaust.  Though I don't know too much about the show, it certainly appears to be a diamond in the rough.

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown sounds like a fun show after just hearing the title.  It also didn't win any of the three awards it was nominated for (best score, best featured actress (Patti LuPone), best featured actress (Laura Benanti)).  Once again the thing that caught my attention was it's impressive cast.  Sherri Rene Scott (best known for her roles of Amneris [Aida], Kathy [The Last Five Years], Ursula [The Little Mermaid], and many more shows), Pattie LuPone (Rose [Gypsy: Revival]), and Brian Stokes Mitchell (Coalhouse Walker Jr. [Ragtime]) were the big names that caught my eye.  Despite the shows exciting concept and stellar cast, it didn't win anything either.  I doubt it will become the next great classic, but it looks like a generally fun show.

Wonderland: A New Alice.  WHY WASN'T THIS SHOW NOMINATED!?!  Granted I never saw the show, but I absolutely loved the soundtrack.  If you read my earlier post on Frank Wildhorn you know that I found the soundtrack to this show to be superb, so I was crushed when I saw that it wasn't even nominated.   I would like to again suggest to anyone who hasn't yet to go listen to the soundtrack of this show!  It's an amazing show!!!!!

Well, collectively that's my thoughts on the musicals of this year.  I had a blast watching all the performances and such.  As soon as I can I'll get my post on the plays uploaded.

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